Monday, 2 January 2012

Pattern weights and headphone case

I found a lovely tutorial on Five Green Acres Blog, for pattern weights which I have been meaning to make for a while - I was getting fed up of balancing pin boxes and assorted random objects on the pattern when I'm cutting out  - so I finally got the machine out and made this little collection. I filled them with some (unused !) fish tank gravel - I've used this in doorstops before and found it worked really well, as it is coated so there is no dust from. Looking forward to using these, but have ordered a new presser foot to sew oilcloth on the machine, so once that arrives I'll be away.

I loved the shape of these so much, I decided to make a another version, this time I made it in oilcloth and put a zip at the bottom.

Just the right size for a pair of earbud headphones, the zip isn't perfect but I'm sure I'll make another one to improve on it.
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  1. These are a brilliant idea, they look lovely and you could clip them onto your handbag, love them!
    Teresa xx

  2. Aww, your little zippy case is so cute!!