Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another bag and Kindle cases

 I've had the sewing machine going again - I have slightly adapted the design of this bag slightly and instead of putting the magnetic snap inside, I have put it on a tab, decorated with a button which is covered with the same fabric as the bag lining, I have also added a little 'hand made' charm

I have also made some oilcloth Kindle covers - the plain one is just lined with cotton fabric, the floral one is also lined with cotton fabric an has been padded with wadding to give some more protection. I am also going to try lining them with wool felt to give padding and protection, once I decide which one seems best and can make a few more and list them on Folksy


  1. Love the Bag and the Kindle cover...one day I will get round to making Bags form Oilcloth....erm...one Day!!!

  2. Love this purple dotty bag!

    Thanks for your blog comments - I can't reply to you via email as your email address is hidden in your profile.

  3. I love the dotty bag, I'm a big fan of CK and this ticks all the boxes for me, your blog is very cute to, I'm your new follower, keep up the good work x