Monday, 21 May 2012

Pricing ?

I finally made a bags for myself this weekend

with matching pink spotty lining, 

Internal pocket trimmed with ric rac (sorry not the best picture)

Now here is my dilemma, I love my bag and will use it loads BUT because of the cost of the frame, if I was to make them to sell, then they would cost around £35 each (not properly costed yet), which is expensive for a bag. I can't get the frame (or many supplies) wholesale as I am not in a position to buy enough stock to qualify. So do I just accept that I make expensive (nice !) bags or try and get cheaper quality items. 

I use cotton webbing for some of my bags handles which I feel is much nicer than the cheaper alternatives e.g Jute, but obviously makes the bags cost more. How far do you take it, I would feel really uncomfortable selling someone a bag made with inferior materials, but am aware that people have less money at the moment. At present I am sticking to the quality materials model as I am still selling bags but am very aware of how much I have to charge for them. I guess it is a never ending conundrum.

How does everyone else do it ?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Homemade Heaven

I did another Craft fair at the weekend, this was a lovely fair in Hale, with lots of people, I did ok with Sales and sold lots of little gadget and zip cases, but not as many of the bigger bags but I have found in the past that I often get emails regarding bigger bags in the few days after a fair,

I tried a different tablecloth (no spots !) - I like the cream cloth but think the embroidered cloth made it too 'busy', however I did notice most of the other table had white or cream tabelcloths, I think I may try to get some beige fabric for the table as then it would reflect the colours in my Blog and website,

I am still loving my hanging rail for the bags, although still need to fight the impulse to put EVERY bag I have in stock on it, although they will go on it gets a little cluttered.

This is my new display case - I rediscovered this case in the cellar and after a good clean, I lined it with fabric and added the ribbon to hold the lid in place, I need to change the lace at the bottom as it is white and I think cream would look better, it is also a bit short, so need to get to the shop for a longer piece.

I have also made a name plate from fabric, to co-ordinate with my new lovely logo - I think I need to make it bigger. I also made some oilcloth bunting for decoration, although now considering making it to sell.

All in all I had a great time at a lovely fair with a great atmospher (live music and a tea room), so have booked for the November fair.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Earbud Case tutorial

I've been making these cases for earbuds for a while, they are are also really good for spare change etc as they can be clipped onto a bag etc. I make mine out of oilcloth as I like the strength of the fabric and it holds it shape really well, you could make them out of any fabric but you may may need to line the cases or use interfacing to give the case some shape. You can see how this pattern developed here

Cut 2 squares out of the oilcloth - I cut my squares 10cm using a pinking rotary cutter as I like the finish, but its not essential as oilcloth doesn't fray. The zip is a 4" zip

Sew the 2 squares onto the zip as shown, lining the second one up with the first one

It should look like this when you have finished.

Clip and sew 2 sides of the square - leave the zip closed while you do this and leave the side closest to the zipper open

It should look like this when done, with the zip partially open

If you want to add a ribbon tag with either a trigger fastener or split ring, then now is the time to do, you will turn the case inside out so place the ribbon tag on the inside of the case as shown and hold it in place with a clip as shown (Oilcloth shouldn't be pinned, but if you don't have wonder clips you can use paper clips or binder clips)

Bring the zip seam across to the clip holding the ribbon tag and clip it in, this will give you the shape of your case.

Sew across this seam - take your time sewing across the zip to make sure it stays in place, trim ends of zip if needed and cut loose thread. You can also trim the corners to help it sit better.

Turn inside out and admire your lovely new case.

You can also buy finished versions of these cases on my website

This is my first tutorial so let me know what you think and I would love to see pictures of any you make.

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