Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Well it has been a very exciting and interesting year for me - I've been looking back at my sewing resolutions for last year here, I have managed to do several craft fairs and now have my bags stocked at a gallery, so have managed a couple of my resolutions, failed miserably at not buying more fabric, but did manage to use quite a bit of my stash ! My other resolution was to teach myself to crochet which I still haven't done - something else for this years list.

It has been a very busy year I have done lots of craft fairs and markets (some more than successful than others !) I have been trying to put together some figures for the last year and I have sold 273 items ! - I'm still working on teaching myself excel and spreadsheets, hoping to do a bit more work on this to give me some further information about popular items etc.

I have been making iphone and Kindle cases which have been very popular, I have also had lots of requests for tablet covers so am planning to get all the sizes in a list so I can make a couple of universal sizes - watch this space ! I do make gadget cases to order and have made a couple for customers laptops - let me know if you are interested in this.

I also now have a lovely website, it needs updating as I have been so busy sewing for Christmas fairs, so will be adding lots more items and photos over the next few weeks.

In order to catch up with myself, I plan not to do any fairs in January and February so that I can work on new lines etc - along with a range of gadget cases I am also planning to get a bit more adventurous with zips. I also plan to do some sewing for myself  I've seen a lovely quilt on Pinterest which was made from shirts - I have been saving a big bag of my husbands (old!) work shirts  which I am planning to spend the rest of this evening cutting into squares in preparation, I will of course take pictures and share with you.

Lets see how much of this I manage to achieve by next January - what do you have planned ?