Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Gift wrapping

I have several fair coming up for Christmas and got thinking about gift wrapping, after asking the question on facebook and twitter, the feedback seemed to be that lots of people liked the idea and would pay extra for it. I then had a look at the wrapping paper I had and had a play around with ribbons etc as I felt if I was going to charge for gift wrapping it had to look lovely. Next I ended up looking on Pinterest for ideas and ended up creating a whole Board of gift wrapping ideas, there is some fantastic ideas there, some of which were impractical to do in the middle of a craft fair ! However I was finding myself drawn to the idea of using Kraft paper.

This was my first attempt which I liked, but realised the ribbon was from my stash and I wouldn't be able to get any more the same, also it is very wide, so wouldn't look right on smaller parcels (phone cases etc)

This was my final solution, I have the gingham ribbon in 2 widths so I can use it for large and small parcels, I have also now added the snowflake punch to make it a bit more Christmassy, but could use the Butterfly punch above if you wanted it non-Christmas. I'll be charging £1 per parcel for the gift wrapping.

What do you think ? Do you pay for gift wrapping or is it something you would consider doing in the future ?