Thursday, 10 May 2012

Earbud Case tutorial

I've been making these cases for earbuds for a while, they are are also really good for spare change etc as they can be clipped onto a bag etc. I make mine out of oilcloth as I like the strength of the fabric and it holds it shape really well, you could make them out of any fabric but you may may need to line the cases or use interfacing to give the case some shape. You can see how this pattern developed here

Cut 2 squares out of the oilcloth - I cut my squares 10cm using a pinking rotary cutter as I like the finish, but its not essential as oilcloth doesn't fray. The zip is a 4" zip

Sew the 2 squares onto the zip as shown, lining the second one up with the first one

It should look like this when you have finished.

Clip and sew 2 sides of the square - leave the zip closed while you do this and leave the side closest to the zipper open

It should look like this when done, with the zip partially open

If you want to add a ribbon tag with either a trigger fastener or split ring, then now is the time to do, you will turn the case inside out so place the ribbon tag on the inside of the case as shown and hold it in place with a clip as shown (Oilcloth shouldn't be pinned, but if you don't have wonder clips you can use paper clips or binder clips)

Bring the zip seam across to the clip holding the ribbon tag and clip it in, this will give you the shape of your case.

Sew across this seam - take your time sewing across the zip to make sure it stays in place, trim ends of zip if needed and cut loose thread. You can also trim the corners to help it sit better.

Turn inside out and admire your lovely new case.

You can also buy finished versions of these cases on my website

This is my first tutorial so let me know what you think and I would love to see pictures of any you make.

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  1. Oh how cute! This is an adorable little pouch. Great instructions and step by step pictures.

  2. Very nice tute! Where do you get your oilcloth?

    1. Thank you - I get most of my oilcloth from Norfolk Textiles -, the one I used to make this case was from Cath Kidston.

  3. Great tutorial! I understood it quite well. Will try to make one soon. Thank you.

  4. Very clever and the tutorial seems clear...definitely adding it to my to-do list...

  5. This is very cute, thanks for a great tutorial

  6. I'd love it's really cute ya ? will try at home, thanks for sharing
    this idea

  7. Your tutorial was sooooooo easy to follow and the pics were perfect. Thank you, thank you for sharing it with all of us. It turned out to be the cutest little pouch to hand out to friends and family!!!