Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fabric and phone cases

I've been playing with designs - I made and sold quite a few of these iphone cases before Christmas. I have always just made them with oilcloth, lined with cotton, as I felt the oilcloth was tough enough to withstand lots of knocks. However today I have tried to make them with some padding - I just used quilting wadding, but I feel they may be a bit too bulky - what do you think, would you prefer padded or not ?

The postman came yesterday with a lovely bundle of fabric - have lots of plans for it but just enjoying looking at it for now - always takes a little while to cut into new fabric particularly ones I really love.

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  1. Hello, just saw you on the Craft Blog UK FB page so I thought I would say hello & connect to your feed :) Happy Blogging <3

  2. Oh my...those Cath Kidston fabrics are just gorgeous! You obviously got to the sale nice and the time I got there, there were just a few left and I'm still waiting (impatiently) for the postie to deliver them!!

    1. Thanks ended up ordering some more Cath Kidston fabric as they reduced it more ! - like you still waiting for the postie though, not the quickest delivery !