Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year

Hope everyone had a lovely New year. I have spent today taking down most of the Christmas decorations down - the tree is still up as it still looks quite pretty but it's days are numbered !

Am now going to tackle my sewing rom - everything got tidied away just before Christmas due to visitors etc.

I have a few crafty new year resolutions.
Need to have a sort out of my fabric, I am determined to use some of my fabric stash before going to buy any more - don't know how long this one will last though !
Am also hoping to teach myself crochet, I have my grandmothers crochet hooks and have always wanted to learn, maybe this is the year.
Finally I'm going to try and do some more craft fairs and general bag selling, maybe even trying to find a shop which will sell my bags - will keep you updated as I go along with this one.

Anyway off to get the machine out - have a few plans for this afternoon, want to try and make some pattern weights.

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