Thursday, 2 February 2012

Craft room organisation and a trip to Ikea

I have seen some amazing pictures of craft rooms recently, so I thought I would add some of my own, especially as I have just had a trip to Ikea and made some improvements !

 I have just put up some floating shelves above my desk, this has cleared up much space on the desk and means I have much more things close to hand.

I got these lovely jars from Ikea - I love how they look when full of ribbons and buttons, could do with a couple more now !

My craft room is long and narrow - the shelves are full of books and other assorted items, the brown wardrobe has shelves all the way up and is full of fabric (Needs a tidy so no pictures - yet !!). My other Ikea purchase was a swivel chair which makes it so much easier to reach all the bits and pieces. On the back of the chair I have a sewing machine tidy, which I made but then found that it made the machine slip around too much so I used safety pins to put it on the back of the chair, so I always have presser feet and needles to hand. I have a basket on the table where I keep scissors etc easy to reach without them ending up all over the table

Would love to see how your room looks 


  1. what a fab craft room you have,looks lovely. sue xx

  2. Great crafty storage - lovely and tidy -not at all like mine at the moment lol