Friday, 3 February 2012

Bags suitable for Boys !

I have had a few people mention in the past that they really like my bags but as they have boys, they couldn't buy anything - so I have come up with something for the boys

Just the right size for that collection of toy cars, sticks, stones or whatever you want to carry around - these will be selling at £4 each

I also have some Blue and pink (sorry couldn't resist the fabric!) ones in progress


  1. Andrea, I'm blog hopping this morning and I'm so pleased I hopped onto your blog. I love all your makes, you're very talented. I'm going to become a follower. Michelle xx

  2. Great idea. Bags for men are more fashionable now. xxxx

  3. Hi Andrea - just hopped over from DC. Love your bags! Lea xx

  4. Fab bags, so nice to see something handmade for boys! xx