Monday, 13 February 2012

Craft Fair

I did my first 'proper' craft fair at the weekend - previously I have sold successfully at my children's school so this was the first time selling to 'strangers'. The fair was quiet I think due to a combination of cold weather and a football match. However it was still useful to do as I helped me with thinking how to set up the stall and how much time to allow for this. 

 I was pleased with how the stall looked but may need to adding some height, will have to think about that. 

I came home though and wrote out a list of fairs which are coming up, so will have to work through it with the other half to see when he is avaliable and plan to book some more dates.

I have also sold 4 bags online this last week, so will get some more listed, just need to home for some brighter weather so that I can get some decent photos of the bags and cases and get them listed.

1 comment:

  1. Well done on your first craft fair. I've only recently started doing craft fairs myself and I agree with you on getting some height into your display.

    Good luck on future craft fairs.