Monday, 11 March 2013

Stall display

Most people who have ever had a stall at crafts fairs will tell you that it is always changing in terms of designs, every time you go to a fair you compare notes with other stall holders about how to improve the look of the stall - I have a whole Pinterest board about stall ideas.

I thought I would share how my display has developed over the last year.

My first stalls - I used a tablecloth which we already had, along with baskets we already had, the stall looked quite cluttered and nothing matched !

I then managed to pick up a bag holder  second hand on ebay

This meant the stall looked less cluttered, I was still trying different holders for cases etc but there was still a bit of a mixture.

I then got a proper table cloth and matching runner, I also made an applique sign to look like my logo (think I need to make a bigger one)


I also managed to a couple of vintage suitcases, which I lined in coordinating fabric, finished with ribbon and vintage style cotton lace, along with signs using the logo. I also added a jug of silk flowers.

I decided to make everything a bit Christmassy, for November and December - I added an Ivy garland, red fairy lights and bows to the top of the hanging rail.


I also added some lanterns, with battery operated tea lights, and wooden reindeer - the reindeer were very popular and lots of people tried to buy them ! (They were bought from Sainsbury's !)
This was my stall at the latest fair - I have added a wooden shelf, covered in matching fabric which gives the stall some height and is also useful to keep paper bags etc in while the fair is in progress.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the stall now, maybe you could share pictures of how your stall looks. Posted by Picasa


  1. Great improvements on the stall appearance. You have to strike a balance on how much kit (hat stand, shelf, covers, display boxes) that you take and stock you can fit in your vehicle! I think you have a good display right now. Love the suitcases as you can keep the stock in them and just open up on the day. Agree you need a larger sign. Have you thought of a banner/bunting above the stall? You've made me decide I need to revamp my stall display thanks. Joan

    1. Thanks for the comments, I know what you mean about the amount of kit - feel like a packhorse some days !
      I do have some oilcloth bunting, but I found if I put it on the front of the stall, It detracts from the name too much, I tend to put it behind me if I have a stall against the wall instead of in the middle of the room.

  2. Your stall looks great! Very comfortable.

  3. Hi! I've loved reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you have a moment to pop over to my blog you can find out more about the award. Natalie x