Thursday, 14 March 2013


I have always wanted to learn how to crochet - I have my Grandma's old crochet hooks, I have even made a lovely roll to hold them, even though I couldn't use them !


I have always looked at the classes at French Knots Studio and wanted to do a few of them, but they have never seemed to fit with a date I could do, however I meet up regularly with a group of mums from school, and there seemed to be few of us wanting to learn crochet. I spoke to Jo and she was happy to come to the house and do a Crochet evening for us. We all started slowly learning how to do a granny square, but we soon got going and even opened the wine while we crocheted ! We all got on really well with the Crochet and Jo was a very patient teacher.

I have now got the hang of doing granny squares, and Baby Annabel has a new pram blanket !

Of Course I had to make a small case to keep my scissors and a couple of hooks in - I have found that I get cramp in my hand with a normal hook, so have been trying a few different ones, so far I think the knit-pro comfort ones are my favourite.

I bought the Nicki Trench Cute and Easy Crochet book from Amazon, and decided to tackle the Springtime throw.

The one in the book uses over 400 squares, so I think I may make mine a little smaller, as I have only made a few so far !

I am still trying to Crochet flowers, as I would to attach them to some bags. I have done a couple but none good enough to share ! - I may have to go back to see Jo at French Knots and join in one of her flower crochet classes !
I am defiantly hooked on Crochet, and it is great to have a craft which is a little more portable than a sewing machine.
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  1. oh well done you! Welcome to the wonderful world of Crochet! All that you have done looks really good!!