Monday, 25 February 2013

New skills

As i was sewing zips in last night (my new skill) I was thinking about all the new things I have learned in the last 18 months or so since I first started selling my work.

In no particular order !

- Crafters are lovely people, I have met some amazingly talented people through craft fairs etc, and they have all been happy to chat and compare notes on suppliers and upcoming fairs etc.

- I have managed to set up a FacebookTwitterPinterest and Linkedin account - I'm still trying to figure out linkedin but am starting to get the hang of the others

- I have figured out Blogger - although I should update more !

- I have created a website, although it was done to a template I still had to have a basic grasp of Html, I still need to investigate SEO a bit more - something else for the to-do list !

- I have figured out Excel and spreadsheets - in fact I now have several for the household, never mind work ones !

- I have manged to create nice looking order forms on word

- I have a proper list of all my suppliers (after scrabbling round trying to remember where I got a particular item once too often) along with costings so that I can work out the cost price of each item - I'm still not 100% confident about translating that into sale price, but getting there

- My stall display skills are improving, and my stall is evolving

- I have managed to manipulate my logo - it was created by a friend but I have manged to adapt it for certain situations using photoshop.

Seems like lots of the new things I have learned involve the computer instead of the sewing machine, I suppose that is something else I've learned. The background stuff is just as important as the sewing.

One final very important thing, which I keep forgetting - sewing after midnight, generally involves spending lots of time with a seam ripper the next day !!

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