Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stockport Market

This was my table at Stockport market last weekend.

Would love to hear you thoughts as I am still not completely happy with it, I tried putting a box under the cloth at the back right corner, but felt it just pulled the cloth a little funny. Have been looking at various display options, both shelves and hanging but they are generally serious amounts of money !
I think I need to try and learn not to get ALL of my stock on the table at a time, I do keep some back and store it under the table but maybe need to keep more back.
Anyway had a great day and met some lovely people, sold a few bags, loads of people took cards and I got quite a bit of feedback, I had a few people who thought my phone cases were glasses cases (need to make some signs !) but they were disappointed when the glasses didn't fit, so am busy working out the sizes for glasses cases this week ! - will bring them along to Altrincham Market in a couple of weeks.


  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog.
    I think your stall looks good but agree that you need to raise the bags up at the back.
    I sell at Stockport VV and I use old drawers tipped up or crates and you could look in charity shops for little tables or shelves.
    Good luck but I dont think you will need it. X

  2. Hiya

    Your stuff is so lovely. I agree perhaps you don't need as much out, you could have a clear notice that you have more stock with you if anyone would like to see it. When we have a handbag/purse seller in at work she lines up the bags either end of her table and has the smaller items lined up in the middle.

    How does it work, are you just allowed a table? Could you take a collapsible stand with hooks, just seen some simple ones on ebay pretty cheap, if you could have 2 small ones either end of your table it might work, or would that cost extra?

    As above, good luck but dont think you'll need it either!! xxx