Monday, 9 April 2012

Atlas messenger bag

I have been busy making a bag for my husband this week and finally got it finished ! 
He saw this fantastic atlas fabric on norfolk textiles website and decided it would make a great bag - It is a much bigger messenger bag than I would normally make but he specified the size ! It also took a lot of careful cutting to get the maps right !

Europe and Africa on the front flap

North America and Canada under the flap

South Africa on the back of the bag

Lined with stripy print fabric - complete with 5 pockets !! - One large zip pocket at the back of the bag, 2 small zip pockets at the front, and 2 elasticated top pockets, along with 2 ribbons with trigger clips for keys or cases.

I also made a matching headphone case and glasses case.

Most importantly he was very happy with the bags.

As anyone who has ever made a bag will know, putting in all the pockets is the bit which takes the longest - I was cursing by the time I had finished the last pocket but now it is finished, I am starting to think it would make a great nappy changing bag - may have to make another one soon !

I am going to include this bag in Handmade Monday


  1. That bag is awesome - I love it! The material is fabulous.

  2. Wow the bag is amazing! :-)

  3. Great bag, love the way the lining works so well with the map fabric. It's so funny, I am still impressed when I see a phone pouch in a bag :)

  4. What an amazing unique bag! Your hubby should be thrilled with this. Great job! Mich x

  5. I love the bag - the map fabric is amazing and the striped lining works so well with it x

  6. What a great bag no wonder OH was happy with it.

  7. that's a great bag and so nicely made!

  8. Such a lovely bag - lovely material both inside and out. Hope you have a good week.

  9. What a wonderful bag, lovin that fabric. Hugs Sue x