Friday, 27 April 2012

More Dressmaking

I have manged a bit more dressmaking this week - my daughter chose this fabric herself and I finally got it made - just in time for the rain !

She was very pleased with the dress but I did the one thing you shouldn't do with a pattern and just went off her age rather than getting the tape measure out. Luckily due to the style of this its not a problem - the top is long enough to wear as a dress this summer and she can wear it with leggings as a top next summer - means she will get loads of wear out of it.

The matching hairband is a hit and I can see a few more of those being made !

This was the pattern I made it from - I didn't bother with the ruffles on the shoulder straps as she wasn't too keen on them. The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although I managed to miss cutting one piece out, still not sure how I managed that but there was plenty of fabric so it wasn't a problem

Here is a hint for storing your dressmaking patterns - the A5 size Zip bags which you can get at office suppy shops are the perfect size for storing patterns, it meant I could put the pattern piece I wasn't using for this item back in the paper envelope which storing the ones in use in the plastic wallet for easy access, then when it is all finished I can just put everything away in the plastic wallet.

I also stapled a sample of the fabric on a piece of card along with the size and which view I made, as I know that next time I come to make this top I'll forget what I made so hopefully this should help.

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