Friday, 24 May 2013

New Bag style

 I have been playing about with new bag designs this last couple of weeks, so I thought I would share the process and see what you think of the new style. I wanted to make a smaller cross-body handbag size bag.

I always start first with a piece of paper, it means I can fold it and get and idea of the bag shape and most importantly I can make another one the same size if I need to ! 

I then make the design up in rough with some scrap fabric to get a better idea of the size - In this case I decided the scrap one was a bit tall, so I reduced the height of it.

Finished version - first attempt. I love the fabric/strap combination on this - I also did my first Zip on the oilcloth instead of the lining - it ended up being a little low on this version but I'll move it for next one.

Fastens with a mag snap

I also thought the internal oilcloth placket was a little too deep.

Version 2 ! 

This time I lined the external pocket with a bright contrasting fabric.

I made the internal placket smaller - but then decided I think I prefer the deeper one so will go back to that on the next on

I also tried making this one with narrower straps - it still sits slightly open at the top, which I liked.

The 2 bags together for comparison

In these 2 pictures you should be able to see the differance the 2 sizes of straps make.

Which straps do you prefer? What do you think of the new design ?
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  1. I have been making oilcloth bags with my children but find they are prone to tearing along the stitching. Do you have any advice on how to prevent this?

    1. Are you sure it is oilcloth you are sewing, it is very hard wearing and I haven't been able to tear it (despite trying) However if you just have vinyl then it does tear, the row of stitching perforates the fabric and it just tears along the seam - I did try vinyl first but stopped using it for this reason.
      You can see some pictures of the differant fabrics here -

  2. This is exactly what is happening - the seems just come apart as if there is a tear here strip - perhaps we have the wrong fabric - will this not happen with oilcloth? I will try different fabric, thanks.