Friday, 19 April 2013

Product Photos

I have been looking at the photos on my website, and I'm not altogether happy with them at the moment. I think partly because The light hasn't been great all winter and I have to rely on natural light as I don't have studio lights. I have recently got a new camera so thought I would have a play with some different styles of picture. At the moment I take my product photos in a pop-up photo tent sat on the spare bed, however this may not be the best option. I would love your feedback on the different styles, all the pictures were taken this afternoon in the same light, and apart form the first one have had no editing.
Our spare room is due to get new windows next week and then a redecoration, so excuse the walls in the background  (spot the paint samples !) Obviously for doing proper website photos I will only do them once the walls have been painted.

This is how my product photos would normally look (although I would iron the backdrop first !) - it has been taken in my pop-up tent, cropped and lightened a little.

This is a photo from the pop-up tent, but without the editing.

Taken on the set of drawers with a vase of flowers as a prop

Same set-up but using flash, oilcloth is really hard to photograph using a flash as it tends to reflect back.

Sat on a chair

Hanging on the back of the chair

In the photo tent with a flower vase prop

Rocking chair (This would normally be against a blank wall but the furniture is all moved at the moment pending the decoration)

On the fireplace with flash

Fireplace with the same flower vase.

What style do you prefer ? The plain white background or the 'lifestyle' ones. I also wondered about using a prop to show the relative size - I quite like my vase of flowers, but I also have a vintage sewing machine I could use. I wondered about using a 'lifestyle' photo with a prop as the main product image with a selection of ones taken in the tent to shop details (lining, pockets etc) This then gives me lighting problems particularly during the winter months. How do you do your product photos ?
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  1. Try buying Daylight bulbs. They are more expensive but do make a more realistic light. You need a craft light with one daylight bulb in it then you can take photos anytime. you are doing a good job with your pictures already but, always put the photo of the item on its own as your main picture IMHO you are not selling the jug and flowers! Then in other pictures you can go for the lifestyle shot. Also on Etsy always edit your photo because they just show the centre of your picture. I personally like to see inside a bag too if you can manage that shot. I like the jug behind the bag again you are selling the bag not the jug. Is this a child's or adult bag? If child's use a doll, teddy etc as the prop. If adult, sunglasses, purse, keys, scarf, book etc. Hope this helps, Joan

  2. Thanks - I have tried the daylight bulb with a light, but found it tended to reflect of the oilcloth and cast shadows. On the website, I do normally do interior shots, along with pictures of bags details (pockets etc). My thought was to use the same prop for every main bag photo, in order to judge the size of each bag against the others, but I like the idea of sunglasses etc - will have to have another play.