Friday, 28 October 2011

Pink tote

Last picture - doesn't look as scrunched up on this one
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Pink Tote bag

Been busy making a ballet bag for my daughter, she is 7 hence the PINK - it turned out a little bigger than I planned however I now think I need a less pink version for me, trouble is I just cut it out as I went along - note to self do a pattern as you go next time !! - Will have to go and see if I can do a pattern

End pocket for water bottle

Lots of room for dance shoes and an inside pocket as requested by daughter for her tissues.

One very happy daughter !

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Hairclip holder

I've adapted the hair clip holder so it has a little pouch at the bottom which closes with velcro - I made a better on but forgot to take photo's before I sold it ! - just waiting for feedback then will probably make some more
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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Linen Bags

Have also finished a few linen bags - I did have a few requests for these bags !

Cream Linen with black floral lining, has inside pocket

Butterfly fabric embellishment

This fabric looks very pink in these pictures but is a little more purple in tone in real life ! Again with floral lining and inside pocket

Button embellishment

Cream linen with blue floral lining

A differant button embellishment

I can't decide which of these embellishments I like the best - any preferances ?
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More interlocking bags

Have made 6 more interlocking bags - they look lovely all together, they are all made with lovely soft cord and lined in contrasting cotton.

Bright Pink with pink floral lining

Soft Green with green Ikat lining

Black with Russian doll black cotton lining

Soft green with pink and green floral lining

Dark green with brown and green lining (this is my favourite - may have to keep this for myself !)

Soft green with 2 blue/green lining fabrics

Which ones are your favourite ?
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Monday, 17 October 2011

Thread !!

Have also made quite a few more interlocking bags this week in lovely soft baby cord - they are almost done but I have run out of thread in the right colour to finish them off - will have a trip to the shop in the morning and then watch this space for pictures


Also been working on a canvas bag with another floral lining, inside pocket and fastens with a magnetic snap
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Been busy making oilcloth bags - with floral lining, more to come !!
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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Denim Bags

Set of bags made for a custom order, all made to the same design but with differant Aplique, lining & handles - just to show how the same bag can look very differant
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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bum bag

Custom order for a customer - square bum bag with striped lining
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