Friday, 27 April 2012

New bag style

I've been working on a new bag design - this was my first version 

I then made it again in a matt oilcloth and took the pleats out of the body of the bag so it has a smoother line

They are both lined inside and have a slip pocket, I will have them with me when I go to Homemade Heaven in Hale in May - they will cost £25 each, I will see how much feedback I get from them and then maybe make some more !


More Dressmaking

I have manged a bit more dressmaking this week - my daughter chose this fabric herself and I finally got it made - just in time for the rain !

She was very pleased with the dress but I did the one thing you shouldn't do with a pattern and just went off her age rather than getting the tape measure out. Luckily due to the style of this its not a problem - the top is long enough to wear as a dress this summer and she can wear it with leggings as a top next summer - means she will get loads of wear out of it.

The matching hairband is a hit and I can see a few more of those being made !

This was the pattern I made it from - I didn't bother with the ruffles on the shoulder straps as she wasn't too keen on them. The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although I managed to miss cutting one piece out, still not sure how I managed that but there was plenty of fabric so it wasn't a problem

Here is a hint for storing your dressmaking patterns - the A5 size Zip bags which you can get at office suppy shops are the perfect size for storing patterns, it meant I could put the pattern piece I wasn't using for this item back in the paper envelope which storing the ones in use in the plastic wallet for easy access, then when it is all finished I can just put everything away in the plastic wallet.

I also stapled a sample of the fabric on a piece of card along with the size and which view I made, as I know that next time I come to make this top I'll forget what I made so hopefully this should help.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Please excuse our appearance !!

You may have noticed a few changes on the blog - my friend is working on a fantastic new Logo for me and I am playing with the background etc on the Blog just to get a feel for the new logo, it is still a work in progress so you find we look a little differant each time you come back ! Would love to hear any of your thoughts and watch this space for the finished version.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fabric Buying

I have got lots of lovely new fabric this week - at the moment I just keeping looking at the lovely pile, but starting to get some ideas of what I plan to make with it all - here is a sneek peak of the fabric.

My Husband was in India last week, my sister in law sent me some lovely Indian fabric back with him - I'm seeing evening bags, but still thinking about it. 

Next I have finally managed to get my hands on some gorgeous Amy Butler laminated cotton, I ended up having to get it posted to me from America but it was worth the wait, I love the prints, as it is laminated cotton rather than oilcloth it is a much softer fabric with more 'drape' so looking forward to see how it works.

I found this oilcloth in a shop called Cherry tree in Knutsford, it was the only roll of fabric they had but I fell in love with the print and had to get some, seriously considering going back for some more !

Finally I went to my local fabric shop and bought these lovely fabric to use as lining on various bags.

A fair selection of new fabric - so much for my pledge to try and use up some of the fabric I had before I bought any more !!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Altrincham Vintage Market

I was at Altrincham Vintage Market yesterday, the sun was shining so it was a lovely day, I did ok, from speaking to the other stallholders, it was a quiet day generally, they have just started having some stalls in the indoor market which is where I was based, think a few people didn't realise we were there. However it was a lovely place in the sunshine and right next to the cafe (which was open!)

Think I'm getting better with the stall now

Mainly due to my lovely ebay rail to hang all my bags on 

Which meant I could keep my table a bit clearer, I still need a banner for the front of my stall but hope to have a logo soon, so just waiting for that first.

I met some lovely stallholders, the girls from The Knotted Flower and So Satsuma, there were plenty others but I forgot to pick up business cards so can't add links. I have just got the list of the next fairs in Altrincham so will sit and look at them along with husband's work rota and plan to book another date.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Altrincham market

I've been busy today getting all the stock packed and ready for Altrincham vintage and handmade market tomorrow - its the first time I've been as a seller although I have visited as a shopper a few times, the weather forecast looks good and I'm looking forward to it. Have bought a display rail from eBay to hang my bags on - it looks huge in the house so not sure how it will look on the stall, will have to wait and see. I have also finally got round to painting some old wooden shelves which I hope will look good with bags on - will find out in the morning.

Have been busy seeing glasses cases after having lots of requests for the am my last fair, have also made a couple more oilcloth small tote bags. Hopefully will get a little more sewing time this evening. After the weekend I will update the website with the new bags and cases.

Hope to see you tomorrow - the market is at Greenwood street in Altrincham and runs from 11-3.30.

Oilcloth Glasses Cases.

Another couple of small tote bags

Monday, 9 April 2012

Atlas messenger bag

I have been busy making a bag for my husband this week and finally got it finished ! 
He saw this fantastic atlas fabric on norfolk textiles website and decided it would make a great bag - It is a much bigger messenger bag than I would normally make but he specified the size ! It also took a lot of careful cutting to get the maps right !

Europe and Africa on the front flap

North America and Canada under the flap

South Africa on the back of the bag

Lined with stripy print fabric - complete with 5 pockets !! - One large zip pocket at the back of the bag, 2 small zip pockets at the front, and 2 elasticated top pockets, along with 2 ribbons with trigger clips for keys or cases.

I also made a matching headphone case and glasses case.

Most importantly he was very happy with the bags.

As anyone who has ever made a bag will know, putting in all the pockets is the bit which takes the longest - I was cursing by the time I had finished the last pocket but now it is finished, I am starting to think it would make a great nappy changing bag - may have to make another one soon !

I am going to include this bag in Handmade Monday

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I'm going to try linking this post to my first Hand Made Monday.

 I've had another go at dressmaking this week, I used to make loads of my own clothes, but tended to do quite simple designs, my sewing confidence has grown loads so I thought I would have a go at doing some thing which I could fit to me this time. I started with this Kwik Sew pattern I've never used them before, but it was quite easy to follow.

I even made a bodice out of cotton fabric to check for fit before I cut out the main fabric, I also tried the bodice on several times as I made it.

Here is the resulting dress - I love this fabric !

I made a couple of adjustments, I brought it in at the waist a little as it was loose. I think next time I make it I will also make it a little shorter at the shoulders, along with the waist adjustment. I've ordered a couple of pattern fitting books from Amazon so will see how I get on with them - watch out for the next version.

First of all I have to make a messenger bag for my husband, I've found this great fabric which has an atlas print on it and he keeps giving me long lists of all the pockets etc he wants on it ! 

Stockport Market

This was my table at Stockport market last weekend.

Would love to hear you thoughts as I am still not completely happy with it, I tried putting a box under the cloth at the back right corner, but felt it just pulled the cloth a little funny. Have been looking at various display options, both shelves and hanging but they are generally serious amounts of money !
I think I need to try and learn not to get ALL of my stock on the table at a time, I do keep some back and store it under the table but maybe need to keep more back.
Anyway had a great day and met some lovely people, sold a few bags, loads of people took cards and I got quite a bit of feedback, I had a few people who thought my phone cases were glasses cases (need to make some signs !) but they were disappointed when the glasses didn't fit, so am busy working out the sizes for glasses cases this week ! - will bring them along to Altrincham Market in a couple of weeks.